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Dale is currently taking on very small residential electrical installations and repairs inside of Louisville Metro only. Scheduled only. No emergency service.

• Electric service upgrades and repairs
• Restore power to a vacant house
• Range outlets
• Microwave oven outlets
• Bath exhaust fans
• Kitchen exhaust fans
• Attic vent fans
• Dishwasher circuits
• Garbage disposal circuits
• Air conditioner circuits
• Clothes washer circuits
• Clothes dryer circuits
• Ceiling fans
• Smoke and heat alarms
• Sump pump circuits
• Recessed lighting
• Outside security lighting
• Garage and storage shed wiring
• Switches
• Receptacles

Dale is a one man outfit, so on occasion you might have to wait in line for his services.

Small jobs are Dale's specialty.

All work will be performed in a neat and workmanlike manner as required by the National Electrical Code.

3716 Susan Lane Louisville, KY 40229
Office: (502)509-2852
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