W Weber Louisville, KY I've had Dale work on my property and have found him to be one of the best around and very reasonable. He thinks first about the situation and finds the best most economical way to accommodate the homeowner and stay in code. Work is first class and he cleans up after himself. I would use him again in a heartbeat!

H Priddy Louisville, KY Dale has worked on three houses that I have owned. He did great work. Considering that most of my houses are extremely old (one was built in 1885) he has encountered some difficult situations but he always came through. I've never seen him short cut any project of mine. He goes strictly by the code. I felt that his rates were reasonable. 

COL M C Clayton, PE US Army reitired Louisville, KY Dale is all of the above and he's very thorough, works fast and productively, and is a friendly happy person (nice to have here!) He is fair in his charges and very considerate of my house.  Click for PDF of his survey.

R Wolph Louisville, KY Dale is fair, conscious and honest. He arrived on time and worked hard to complete the job. The electrical inspector did not have any problems with his work. I have recommened him to a friend already.   Click for PDF of his survey.

"Dale is a true professional and a good communicator smile you got the job done." Hex P.

"Installed new outdoor lighting. Arrived on time. Was very professional. Made helpful recommendations." Lynn W.